Whilst our founder was studying at the University of Liverpool, he found that the city needed a new approach to the original principles of Marketing. He decided to put what he had learnt to practice and open PlumParrot. We are always learning and taking an innovative and dynamic approach.

We like to do things a little differently here. No boring cold calls, boring emails. A more hands on approach. We like to meet people and discuss ideas so we can really understand what you want and reach your main goal.

Liverpool is our ideal working environment. Being such a diverse and creative city, our founder saw that this was the place for him to start. With cheap beer, football….and the Beatles! Liverpool has a lot to offer, especially for work night-outs.


It is important for business to take influence from music, art and cinema.  We take the artist’s perspective, dominance, sharp analysing skills and their passion to achieve success. These aspects are reflected in the work we do with you and you only.

We believe that these characteristics shape the modern economy, which influence PlumParrot as well. We are putting a sprinkle of art, creativity, and design in all of our projects to take your business to the next level. Are you with us?



Managing Director

When Omer started the company his main aim was to create a team that has the same vision. No ‘working for the man’, a culture that sees you as an individual, no robots. Ironically he has a love for 80s wall street films like ‘American Psycho’ and ‘Wall Street’. However, this does not reflect his demeanour! Guess we can call him an artsy yuppie!


Visual Media

Natural born beer lover, graphic designer, and bar manager. Joes lives by two things in the world: beer and design. Before his journey in Liverpool, he was living the dream in Croatia expanding his knowledge of the world.



AKA Slick Nick.

Scotalian (Scottish and Italian), vinyl colletor and Part-time DJ. Nick started his own DJ promotions company whilst at University and taught himself the tricks of the trade. Coming out University as a fresh new business graduate, Nick wanted to use his skills in the marketing world.