A good-performing website is a vital element of any successful business. The Internet is the new marketplace and it is no longer enough to have an online presence without a website.

It could be your restaurant, market, shop… that is your tunnel to engage with your clients. So it has to be good, well designed and highly developed. It has to be perfectly structured to brick by brick with little architectural touches to create a smooth, engaging experience for your customers. You need to have SEO, marketing strategy to ensure good ranking while knowing what your next step will be. Also, it has to be adaptable in all devices with mobile-friendly user experience.

 Sounds complicated? Easy for us!

Nowadays, everybody can create a good-looking website easily with Wix, GoDaddy etc… but what good is a website if you can’t provide your users with the service that they required while you can’t perform an organic search perspective to benefit your business.

At PlumParrot, we create our websites from the scratch with inbuilt SEO while ensuring it is custom tailored towards from functionality to performance. Whether you want a particular tool that searches and filter function, or simply a unique website that works perfectly, we can deliver it!

Every website of our ours, have been delivered with inbuilt SEO. This means that we create your website with a sprinkle of SEO in every line of code from JavaScript to images inside, to make you visible on Google as easy as possible!

In the end, we test your website before launching it to prevent any bugs or any device errors or potential usability issues that could cause drop-offs. So, when it goes live, it is %100 ready!

It’s all too common for websites to become out of date. Some fail to keep up with the evolution of their brand. Other simply fall behind design, optimization and development innovations. When this occurs, a full website rebuild isn’t always required. Instead, a website can be updated, redesigned or have particular sections rebuilt.

We are aware that it is really hard to keep u with the technology in this epoch. The evolution of branding and design changes every day. So there is a good chance that website that you had 2 years ago is old and far away from the development and optimization innovations. But, the good news is a full website rebuild isn’t always required now. Instead, we can update, redesign or rebuild particular sections of your website.

Don’t worry, we won’t do any changes on your website until we have finished our user behavior research. After we understand the weak and strong point of your website, we start the developing and updating your current website!

Creating a memorable experience online is about more than having a pretty website. Your website needs to provide the functionality that your customers need, without causing any frustration.

An eye-catching experience for your visitor is a vital element to add on your website. Let it provide functionality while removing frustrations that your customers have.

We can do it by creating a well-designed widget that makes your brand stand out from the crowd, enrich your user experience and improve key website metrics such as time on site, shares, and links.

Tracking. Internal links. Device rendering. Redirects. Server setup. There’s a lot that can go wrong with a website. And those errors, although small in isolation, can amount to large-scale issues that seriously affect your digital performance.

Site errors can often be overlooked, but the reality is that they have a huge bearing, not only on how well your site ranks on search engines but also on how it performs for users across different internet speeds, devices, and screen sizes.

Our site audits set out to cover all the bases. We leave no stone unturned and analyses every line of code to ensure that your site is working correctly for both users and search engines. From here, we provide a prioritized list of recommendations and get to work in making sure your site is error free.

A website is not a one-off product that you can deliver it and run away. It is a service that needs attention all the time. Conversion funnels always should be optimized. Security can always be strengthened. Site speed can always be improved. That is why we are here!

That is, we why we are running detailed monthly maintenance on your website. We correct the errors, download the latest widgets and upload the existing plugins. So that, you can make sure that your customers can surf on your website like a lifeguard watching 24/7!


But we’d rather talk to you to find out how our skills and expertise combined with your opportunities can lead to fresh, new and exciting ways to reach your business goals. Why don’t you drop us a line?