Social media has made it easier than ever to connect with your customers and spread your message worldwide.



Social media is a highly essential tool for building up and connecting with your customers. Therefore, being present in this domain will aid your marketing strategies greatly. Whether it’s customer service, introducing new products or inspiring committed brand advocates.

We at Plumparrot, are driven to help extend your business through social media marketing. We offer the skills to promote your business both organically and through paid social campaigns. For instance, we can target specified demographics leading to increased sales while also being cost-effective. Are you interested in reaching a particular age group, living in London and interested in buying a dog? Yes! We can do that.

There are moments when brands take advantage of responding quickly with posts to what is a trendy or current. However, it requires some time to come up with a message that will motivate users, most of the time. Because of this, we use content calendars to do with events and opportunities known to be on the way. Therefore, effectively placing your brand and message in the right place, at the right time.

We know that a way of having consistent and excellent content to share is planning posts ahead of time. We are able to create an adequate social calendar for your social channels based on the previous messages that received great attention from your audience. It is also possible to have your future posts in mock-up form with imagery and link, just for you to know the way they will look when they go live.

A way to target audience effectively with the right message at the right time, and not interfere with workflow or post out of hours is by post scheduling. It is easy for us to schedule your posts to media channels for better output using the information on the time and the way your audiences prefer to have your messages. We will provide you the information on scheduled posts including the time they are to appear for you to request modifications as required. However, it is certain that you will continue to engage your audience as desired through your social channels.


Digital campaigns cannot exist without social media. We are good at the creation of social media campaigns that will engage customers and promote the brand. Even if it is to gain entries into a competition using targeted posts on Facebook or to share a campaign hashtag to reach potential people on Twitter, we are available to make it happen.

As images are important in the social media domain, we have professionals who are skilled at the creation of campaign logos, images, and infographics that will create a real social buzz and engage users. With all these, we are able to help you reach specific audiences who will be interested in your campaigns. This will prevent wasteful spending; ensure maximum ROI and engagement with the right people for your brand.

It pleases us to build and know the online communities of our clients. Be it soccer fans or people involved in online dating, we are highly committed to knowing and loving them. The management of social media channels can pose challenges that require judgment and empathy of professionals. We are good at solving conflicts and continually turn disgruntled users into brand advocates through fast and attentive engagement on social media. Part of what we do is to build on what interests your users the most and ensure that the engagements end up being the learning experience for social media success.


But we’d rather talk to you! Finding how our skills, combined with your opportunities can lead to new and exciting ways to reach your business goals. Why don’t you drop us a line?