PPC has the capacity to promote immediate results for businesses and can be a major part of your means to a long-term acquisition.



We take PPC as an element for creativity just as it requires creative ideas that go beyond best practice to have a distinct advertisement in the midst of many running campaigns.

We are able to continue moving campaigns forward and improve outputs with time using that data we gather an extensive knowledge of new approaches to PPC. We are always considering how what we are offering you will influence desired results and help you deliver the expectations of your customers from you according to our careful approach to the paid media space.

You can contact us with your requirements so we can tell you what we can do to help if you are in the market for a new PPC agency.

The difference between a PPC account that is well planned and one that is poorly structured is huge. A careful and optimized PPC account will display the right ads when required to the right users, thereby producing output that influences your business positively. Effective PPC campaigns are achievable through in-depth comprehension of a business and its customers. We are confident in being able to deliver effective campaigns just as we know that it is wasteful to have unloved PPC accounts.

 Our experience in the creation and management of campaigns for various clients spans over 10 years. The nature of our PPC account management is strategic with account structure that is based on future considerations and competitor research, highly targeted, and consists of conversion-focused keyword lists, creative ads that are distinctive, intelligent bidding, landing page creation & optimization. We offer PPC strategy, Analysis & reporting, AdWords & Bing management, Competitor research, and Intelligent bidding.

Creation of PPC ads requires best practices. The common advice ‘add a CTA’ and ‘use your keyword in the headline’ has been the standard way of writing PPC ads just as it is the best way to achieve the best. However, the shortcoming of following the same advice is every ad blending together thereby giving no room for differentiation in terms of consumers finding ads that are appealing to them.

We write our ads according to the desires of consumers as obtained from what they are searching for. We utilize their needs, pain points, and concerns. We look into that way to address these and appeal emotively to a consumer, such that they receive the message immediately they read your ad. That is what we are good at doing.

If you are able to achieve a 10% conversion rate and it feels great just as it can be good for certain business objectives. However, the results show that 90% of the users did not go for the desired action on your site. The fact is that not every site visitor will bring conversion immediately even if you have good targets.

You can use our own experience on the time you spend to have information on what you intend to buy or services required. It is for this reason that it is important to imbibe cognizant remarketing strategy to ensure that the users you have engaged when they visited your site will return. Remarketing does not mean your users will take the right action but through careful segmentation of the users using their intentions and the right message, you can have more conversion. We make use of Intelligent remarketing, Customer match, Display remarketing,  Search remarketing (RLSA), Similar audiences & lookalikes.


We understand that it takes more than just driving the right people to the site of a client to produce results. Hence, it is a waste of time and resources to have these people on your site without converting them.

When a landing page is not well designed, users can be confused about what they are supposed to do. It can also take them back to your competitors if it is slow to load having them to stay for a while. We have professionals in our team with experience in UX and CRO who help with the design of beautiful landing pages that are fast and fully functional and have the capacity to convert users. We are confident that this in-house service can help us design optimized landing pages without problems.


But we’d rather talk to you to find out how our skills and expertise combined with your opportunities can lead to fresh, new and exciting ways to reach your business goals. Why don’t you drop us a line?

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