Project Description

Location:   39 Allerton Rd, Liverpool L25 7RE
Project: Re-Branding
Year Completed:   2018 – Ongoing
Project Manager:   Omer Efe Helvacı

Istanbul BBQ & Bistro is an authentic Turkish restaurant in the heart of Woolton Village, Liverpool. This famous restaurant has been the families favorite destination and place to celebrate on special days.

The Challenges

Re-branding one of Liverpool’s most well known Turkish restaurants was a challenge. However, working together we transformed Istanbul from a traditional Turkish restaurant into a modern eatery with an exciting atmosphere.

We created a new identity for Istanbul by changing it’s logo and re-branding the business. Next, using the original material and combined the most significant image of Istanbul, the tram into the new design. Changing the font and colour scheme along with it.

After completing the logo and fonts, we used them and their colour scheme to then re-create the menus.

We used our portable, professional photography studio to capture the atmosphere. As we realised that people were going for the feeling as well as the food.

Once all the media, menus, logo and physical aspects of the business were published, we then soon moved on to moderating their social media. We added content to their Facebook and Instagram feeds creating a bespoke social media presence. When people follow we want them to quickly understand what Istanbul BBQ & Bistro is all about.

We create our content very precisely. We care about the intricate details, colour schemes, house style and their profile as a whole. Final stages for this job included the advertising, creating a high social media presence for Istanbul really helped a lot. We advertise the daily offers and deals to grab the attention of the public. Thanks to our tailor-made social media profiles we quickly convert new customers.

Providing them with more than a service, Plumparrot creates a package that continues to solidify our relationship with the client, being available to visit our client 24/7.


Project Description

Client:   Kassap Meat House
Location:  77 Bold St, Liverpool L1 4EZ
Project: Branding
Year Completed:   2018
Designer:   Omer Efe Helvacı

KASSAP is a Turkish style steakhouse restaurant and a wine bar located in Liverpool on Bold Street. Kassap prides itself on its specialty cuts of meat that are dried for at least 28 days, which ensures the juiciest quality steaks. They are known as one of the best Prime-Dine Restaurants in Liverpool.

The Challenges

Kassap came to us with an idea to open a unique steakhouse restaurant in the heart of Liverpool, Bold Street. From the start, we knew that it would a big responsibility to re-brand a restaurant in this competitive area.

We started by creating a definite marketing strategy that would live up to the standards of Bold Street. Together with the PlumParrot team, we planned for 3 months developing a branding structure that would give originality and character. After having a couple of meetings we finalised our plans and then began to execute it. We are lucky to have been able to have full control over the project, therefore our creativity was at its top output providing our fullest potential.

The process started by creating a logo that suited the Kassap name, steakhouse style. The logo is bold, fresh and original. Simplicity was the key to creating an environment that the consumers were looking for. We were very careful to not sway towards the American steakhouse style and feel, rather we created a unique Turkish style logo with a touch of luxury and classic style.

Before Kassap opened, we designed huge window banners to advertise the grand opening of the restaurant in the coming weeks, sparking curiosity on Bold Street. By the time the opening night was due, we had already completed the wine, food, lunch, dinner, kids, cocktail and offer menus that followed the style we had designed. While making the offer menus, we carefully analysed the market and demographics, precisely pricing the offers and eye-catching designs that would grab the attention of passer-by’s.

The next stage was photography, we shot the interior design, food, and staff in action to use for the advertising campaign that we were planning.

Now we came to the most important part, a user-friendly converting website. We used the latest trends and widgets to create a mobile friendly and extremely fast website. When people visit, the speed and user-friendly interface help people easily reserve tables and browse the menus and the history of Kassap. Search engine optimisation was used on every page to rank Kassap higher on Google and other search engines, we stuck to the latest trends and chose our words carefully to make it easier to read and understand.

The next step was to moderate and add content to all the social media channels, Facebook & Instagram, creating a bespoke online presence for Kassap, carefully choosing images, content and specific hashtagging to boost their social feeds and bring more business to the restaurant. We want people to feel the atmosphere and understand how brilliant Kassap is.

Social media marketing and advertising helped to boost Kassap’s exposure in Liverpool, select pictures are used in specific ways to bring even more people to the restaurant and that they are open.

We set a budget for Kassap to use for the advertising campaign and each progressive stage that we planned. Advertising to enable mass exposure, followed by deals and offers to bring customers in. Once the customers are in, we continued to advertise and keep them in and spread the word to friends, family, and colleagues.

While all the processes were in place and working, we were available 24/7 and visited the restaurant and owners regularly for feedback. We currently moderate the social media feeds and website, adding new content and creating new ideas continuously.