Re-branding one of Liverpool's most renowned Turkish restaurants. It was a difficult task, and we had to persevere. We worked with Istanbul at every level, to transform them from a traditional Turkish restaurant into a modern eatery with an exciting atmosphere and up to date aesthetic.


We started the Istanbul project by changing their logo and undertaking a full re-brand the business, creating a new identity. After creating the logo, we worked taking inspiration from the original material and combined it with the most iconic image of Istanbul, the classic Istanbul tram. We weaved this into the new design, changing the font and colour scheme along with it.



After the logo and fonts were selected, we applied this theme to surrounding content. Using the font, logo and colour scheme to then re-create the menus.

We utilised our portable professional photography studio to capture the atmosphere daily. Capturing the feeling that people were experiencing, as well as the cuisine.

UX & Design

Once all the media, menus, logo and physical aspects of the business were published, we then soon moved on to moderating their social media. To start we established content streams on Facebook and Instagram. This created a tailored social media presence, meaning when people follow they quickly understand what Istanbul BBQ & Bistro is all about.

Coding & SEO

Final stages for this job included the advertising campaigns, the user friendly website for Istanbul and professional Social media feed really helped a lot. We advertised the daily offers and deals to grab the attention of the public, thanks to our tailor-made website, we quickly converted new customers.



Providing them with more than a service, PlumParrot creates a package that continues to solidify our relationship with the client, being available to visit our client 24/7.

ist instagram


Increase the brand awareness

2X Conversions

Increase conversion rates and direct sales

3X Speed

Improve web site performance and page speeds