Kassap Meat House


Opening a new restaurant in the highly competitive area of Central Liverpool was a challenging task. It was important to establish a brand to compete with the already established surrounding businesses. From the inception it was our responsibility to manage the brand image and maintain the quality that Kassap is delivering with their cuisine.


We started with competitor research for Kassap before branding the business. We carefully analysed the potential customer base and created an effective marketing plan. After delivering an original concept logo for Kassap, we've designed eye-catching opening banners to increase the awareness by street traffic, which also drew attention of local Liverpool media. To match the theme of the restaurant, we decided on a classic, but stylish, design both on website and food menus. We carried this theme across our social media and advertising campaigns.

kassak knife 3
kassak knife

Graphic Design

Creating a brand image was the main goal of our project, which is why we diverted a lot of our attention to the graphic design of the project. Simple but stylish, profound but unassuming logo design paved the way to create suitable print advertising and food menu designs.

Website Design

Creating an tailor-made website was the second step of our project. A dark-themed steakhouse restaurant website. We have created unique css coded website with booking integration, where their clients will find it extremely easy to book their table online. Truthfully, we loved every minute of it.


Last step was to advertise Kassap. As they sit in the most competitive are of the city, competition is fierce. We had to find a way to get Kassap infront of their potential customers online quick and effectivly. We launched more than 100 small campaigns which were a undoubtedly a success. More than 107,000 total views. Juicy steak videos also help a lot.



Kassap staying as our regular customer, we are trying to help in everyway possible from new ad campigns to effective print media.



Increase the brand awareness

2X Conversions

Increase conversion rates and direct sales

3X Speed

Improve web site performance and page speeds