You might have been wondering how to know that your ROI is positive and the look of success after you have invested a lot of money in our quality services. These are possible through tracking and report that we provide. İt also enables us to explore things to know what is not working for improvement, giving us the opportunity to keep up with the performance of competitors. There are many samples of reports we provide our clients with differences based on the services we offer them. We make reports to suit your needs and objectives.

When it comes to Google Analytics, we are good at the setup, configuration, and data analysis. The tracking errors we provide advisory services on include zero bounce rate, self-referral issues, and double-counted page views.

Following the proper setup, website optimization for user experience, search engines, and the conversion process is determined using data.

Our analysis includes basic usage stats, events, custom reports and conversion funnels, to ensure the identification of what is working well and what could be improved.

Google Tag Manager is a tool with a powerful effect that enables the tracking and measurement of every aspect of the performance of your website. It helps with the tracking of any interaction type on your website without the need to edit the code of your site by a web developer.

We have been using version 1 of Google Tag Manager and currently version 2 to integrate complex eCommerce solutions as well as specific user behavior tracking.

We understand that one of the things involved is clicks to your website. To help you know the marketing sources that generate the highest number of phone calls for your business, we utilize phone call tracking software for the task. We have come up with the implementation of sale value data from the result of every phone call. This gives you the opportunity to view specific ROI on customers calling your business from a variety of marketing sources.

İn addition, we are used to helping our clients go the extra mile to identify methods for the improvement of sales conversions on calls by listening to phone call recordings of their customers. Automatic call recording is a feature of our software requiring no change to software at your business.

Standing out online require you to keep a view on competitors. We track the performance of the competitors of our clients in different ways. We do this automatically through the websites of the competitors by looking at the new pages added over time together with the types of PPC ads they run. This will allow us to keep a copy of our clients fresh. In terms of website performance based on the estimation of traffic and web rankings, we help use them for the identification of new keyword areas that are yet to be utilized. This makes up the data required for feeding your marketing strategy as well as the development of new unexplored means of revenue increment.

Our tracking services for clients’ website performance over time are carried out with any software. To highlight where new links can stay, site explorer tools are important, including for the report of links that indicate spam.

We make use of Google Analytics and some tools to track visibility, traffic, and rankings, as well as provide you with frequent, accurate and comprehensive information on the performance of your site in organic search results.


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