A multidisciplinary digital agency, run by design addict and creative people.


Graphic Design

The team at PlumParrot will use their advanced design skills to create the perfect product for the client’s digital and print needs.

In fact, PlumParrot provides a range of design projects. These can include the renovation of client branding, the use of digital assets such as display ads and infographics. In case that isn’t enough, we even provide clients with certain offline work such as signage, posters, or flyers.

It is important to realise that once clients are happy with their design, we at PlumParrot are happy 🙂


Branding is what we do best! This is because we would like to represent our clients business visually. We believe that branding allows people to understand the message of the business quickly, so customers can identify the goods and/or service it offers.

We aim to take care of the business from logo design to creating brand guidelines, applying on your social channels and website, and execute it with an effective marketing plan.

Our branding professionals are with clients from the very start of the business process with continuous support. As a result, SUCCESSFUL BRANDS. Do not hesitate to contact us to make turn your business into a brand!