Branding is an incredibly important tool for businesses. This is because it represents the business visually.

Branding allows people to understand the message of the business quickly, so customers can identify the goods and/or service it offers.

PlumParrot’s branding professionals are with clients from the very start of the business process with continuous support. As a result, SUCCESSFUL BRANDS!

Contact us to make turn your business into a brand!

Your business identity is your brand. It is about your relationship with people and their understanding of you. It therefore has to be responsible and effective.

We specialise in branding. In fact we cater for new businesses that need development in their identity as well as established business with a desire to reinvent their brand. Our team will use strategic thinking, creativity, and technical innovations to meet our Clients’ needs.

Logos alone have contributed immensely to the reputation of some brands. When a logo is well designed, it has the ability to announce your industry, tell your story and identity.

The logos we design are not only beautiful but are able to tell stories as they carry meaning that imprint the minds of customers.

Our designers start every design by looking into every aspect of your business so we can understand the sector and your vision. With these ideas, we can create customised logos that represent you.

Brands are not that simple. Hence, brand guidelines are important when businesses need to keep certain things in check.

We are into the development of brand guidelines for various businesses in many sectors. However, there is a common goal for all development, and that is to ensure the consistency and accuracy of branding without regards to the publication.

The brand guidelines we produce cut across every aspect of your brand; fonts, logos, colours, and tone of voice. All these are arranged into simple sections so that your brand is seen anywhere and anytime your business appear.

We are specialized in making your business distinct without regards to the vastness of the digital domain.

Our design and marketing creative are not limited to a specific aspect of the digital spectrum; we are everywhere in the domain. Hence, we are available to design new sets of ads, create a complete design suite, and even innovate your existing material.

Performance comes first when we start any design. This is because a beautiful design is useless if it does not meet business goals. Just because we combine both marketing and design skills together, we are aware of this requirement and we focus on performance that one can track.


We love talking to clients face-to-face. This is because it allows the team to find out how their skills and expertise can be used to find opportunities for clients. Contact us for more information!