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Design &

Our expertise covers the full living cycle of a brand. From brand strategy, through design and development, printing, execution to its marketing promotion online and offline.

Identity & Strategy

Your business identity is your brand. It is about your relationship with people and their understanding of you. It, therefore, has to be responsible and effective.

We specialise in branding. In fact, we cater for new businesses that need development in their identity as well as an established business with a desire to reinvent their brand. Our team will use strategic thinking, creativity, and technical innovations to meet our clients’ needs.

Logo Design

Logos alone have contributed immensely to the reputation of some brands. When a logo is well designed, it has the ability to announce your industry, tell your story and identity.

The logos we design are not only beautiful but are able to tell stories as they carry meaning that imprint the minds of customers.

Our designers start every design by looking into every aspect of your business so we can understand the sector and your vision. With these ideas, we can create customised logos that represent you.

Brand Guidelines

Brands are not that simple. Hence, brand guidelines are important when businesses need to keep certain things in check.

We are into the development of brand guidelines for various businesses in many sectors. However, there is a common goal for all development, and that is to ensure the consistency and accuracy of branding without regards to the publication.

The brand guidelines we produce cut across every aspect of your brand; fonts, logos, colours, and tone of voice. All these are arranged into simple sections so that your brand is seen anywhere and anytime your business appear.


A continuous through-line runs from e-commerce and social media to the physical world, and print branding is your gateway to a unified customer experience.

Branding is about much more than a corporate logo or your social media presence. It's your company's overall aesthetic, the choice of colours, backgrounds, and overall design.

While presenting a buttoned-up image for a corporate company, or a family restaurant, branding immediately identifies these things without saying a word. Spreading a consistent look, feel, and message across marketing mediums is how brands are built.

And print branding is the cornerstone of it all. Print is still king when making a lasting impression on potential clients or customers.

At Plumparrot, we understand the importance of design & printing in marketing. Thus, we are printing our designs in-house using the finest materials combined with higher-end printing equipment. Designing and printing in-house helps us create consistency in colour palettes and reflects our clients' brand image in the real world.

Online Asset Creation

We are specialized in making your business distinct without regards to the vastness of the digital domain.

Our design and marketing creative are not limited to a specific aspect of the digital spectrum; we are everywhere in the domain. Hence, we are available to design new sets of ads, create a complete design suite, and even innovate your existing material.

Performance comes first when we start any design. This is because a beautiful design is useless if it does not meet business goals. Just because we combine both marketing and design skills together, we are aware of this requirement and we focus on performance that one can track.

Social Media

Social media is a highly essential tool for building up and connecting with your customers. Therefore, being present in this domain will aid your marketing strategies greatly. Whether it’s customer service, introducing new products or inspiring committed brand advocates.

We at Plumparrot, are driven to help extend your business through social media marketing & management. We offer the skills to represent your product through effective design and promote your business both organically and through paid social campaigns.

Content Calenders

There are moments when brands take advantage of responding quickly with posts to what is trendy or current. However, it requires some time to come up with a message that will motivate users, most of the time.

Because of this, we use content calendars to do with events and opportunities known to be on the way. Therefore, effectively placing your brand and message in the right place, at the right time.

We know that a way of having consistent and excellent content to share is planning posts ahead of time. We are able to create an adequate social calendar for your social channels based on the previous messages that received great attention from your audience. It is also possible to have your future posts in mock-up form with imagery and link, just for you to know the way they will look when they go live.

Scheduled Posts

A way to target audience effectively with the right message at the right time, and not interfere with workflow or post out of hours is by post scheduling. It is easy for us to schedule your posts to media channels for better output using the information on the time and the way your audiences prefer to have your messages.

We will provide you with the information on scheduled posts including the time they are to appear for you to request modifications as required. However, it is certain that you will continue to engage your audience as desired through your social channels.

Campaign Creation

Digital campaigns cannot exist without social media. We are good at the creation of social media campaigns that will engage customers and promote the brand. Even if it is to gain entries into a competition using targeted posts on Facebook or to share a campaign hashtag to reach potential people on Twitter, we are available to make it happen.

As images are important in the social media domain, we have professionals who are skilled at the creation of campaign logos, images, and infographics that will create a real social buzz and engage users. With all these, we are able to help you reach specific audiences who will be interested in your campaigns. This will prevent wasteful spending; ensure maximum ROI and engagement with the right people for your brand.

Community Management

It pleases us to build and know the online communities of our clients. Be it soccer fans or people involved in online dating, we are highly committed to knowing and loving them. The management of social media channels can pose challenges that require judgment and empathy of professionals.

We are good at solving conflicts and continually turn disgruntled users into brand advocates through fast and attentive engagement on social media. Part of what we do is to build on what interests your users the most and ensure that the engagements end up being the learning experience for social media success.

Web Design & Development

Nowadays, everybody can create a good-looking website easily with Wix, Squarespace etc… but what good is a website if you can’t provide your users with the service that they required while you can’t perform an organic search perspective to benefit your business.

At PlumParrot, we create our websites on WordPress with inbuilt SEO while ensuring it is custom-tailored towards from functionality to performance. Whether you want a particular tool that searches and filter function, or simply a unique website that works perfectly, we can deliver it.

Landing Page Design

Landing page performance is hugely influential on websites. A well designed, conversion led landing page can reduce your cost per acquisition and boost your ad performance through increased quality scores. On the other hand, a poorly designed page can see acquisition costs spiral as traffic doesn’t convert.

At PlumParrot, we create a conversion led landing page design by taking into an account of our marketing knowledge. Thus, we will deliver a landing page that performs well.

Also, we are aware that you want to reach your business goals. We want a tell you that there are only a few better ways to turn visitors into customers than a well-designed landing page. So, go on!


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